Oh, hello.

Some years ago when I first slipped old Cinema Fromage into gear, I had a specfic plan in mind.  I wanted to talk about movies, why I loved movies, what movies meant to me. All that good mushy kind of stuff.  But, it got away from me.  It morphed and became something a bit different than intended.

I’m not knocking it of course. My time here in the hallowed halls of Fromage have been quite good to me.  It’s taken me far, introduced me to many great people, helped me make a name for myself in a world of many names.

Really, it’s been pretty great.

But, the site has gone dormant for these past few years.  Which is sad.  I’ve kept up the domain name all these years, because frankly I love it.  It was something I didn’t want to let go of. My lovely wife and I have started a great podcast in the site’s name.  But still, the site itself has lain quiet.  My thoughts on film have run fleeing. My inkwell runneth dry.

So it’s time to make a change.

I’ll let that last line fester for a bit.

Mostly because I like to build dramatic tension. And I’m a mediocre writer, so this is my gimmic for doing so. Plus, it makes me giggle.

I’m not here to announce that I’m quitting, giving the pen a sturdy chuck into the field across the street.  Burying my notebooks and setting fire to my writerly dreams and such.

Quite the opposite really. I’ve been writing a lot here on the fringes of my free time. Alone, and for myself.

It’s been nice.  I’ve been getting back to a closer level of admiration for the art.  Not quite love. Probably a good bit of infatuation. I’m at that stage where I think writing may be into me, but I’m not sure.  I like it a lot though.  Im just not good at picking up on the signals.  You know?

So.  So.  I start too many sentences with so, you see.  Drama.  Mediocre, all that.

We’re going to change things up here at Cinema Fromage this time around.  I don’t fully know how much it’s going to change yet.  Hell, it could all fall apart tomorrow in a violent passing of wind from my nethers. But we’re going to try, and the sky’s the limit. It may be movies. It might be books. It may even be some personal entries.  It may be a lot of things.

It won’t be movie reviews though. I can’t do it anymore. Don’t worry, I’ll still cut loose on the Bloody Good Horror podcast on the regular. Here at Cinema Fromage though, I just don’t have the fire to tear into a movie like I once did.  We’re going to get back to our roots here, back to things I love and some discussion on why I may love them.

That kind of good stuff. Happy stuff.  There’s enough negativity in the world.  We don’t need it weighing down our favorite things, right?

Of course, there’s always the chance I’ve over shot my chances.  It’s been a good number of years, I know.  There’s a chace that you, dear reader, may not give a shit anymore.  But that’s okay. I’m doing this for me. I won’t hold it against you!

No, really! It’s okay!  This is a happy place now!

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