It’s Okay To Enjoy That Movie that Nobody Else Does.

Somewhere back in the fogs of a misspent youth, my tastes in story telling began to gel into some kind of cohesive whole that took over my general interests and such and steered them in an odd direction, just left of center.  It wasn’t a bad happening by any means.  It just meant I was entertained by things that weren’t deemed quite normal by the majority of others out there in the Entertainment Consuming World. (Hereby known as the ECW.) This seemed like a significant happening at the time I was going through it.  There weren’t quite as many people in my own circle of acquaintances that were most happy when digging through a second hand store for old Ray Bradbury novels one minute, Punisher comics and bizarre finds like Strike Force Morituri in the $.25 comic bins the next, then getting excited to find a VHS copy of Death Race 2000 the next.

What can I say, I knew what I liked.  I just happened to like a lot of different things that weren’t necessarily related.  Thankfully, that’s lead to me being an adult with what I like to think of as a bit more ‘eclectic’ taste which keeps things fresh and interesting for me.  Just ignore the fact that I’ll be watching Dancing With the Stars this Monday evening, and liking it.  Never you mind.

As I pour over the copious amounts of streaming entertainment available to me, my stacks of blu-rays collecting dust upon my shelves, the Red Box stationed dangerously close to the McDonald’s Drive Through Window,  I think back ever so briefly over the number of movies in my collections that I really enjoyed, and not so many others really did. Sometimes, I wonder if it means I should question my own tastes and opinions as I spread them across the land.  Eventually, I wind back up to the fact that I’m a grown man and can like what I want, and it really doesn’t matter if the Internet agrees with you or not.  Any movie will speak to different viewers in a million different ways.

And guess what?

That’s okay.  That Hollywood blockbuster and that dusty old relic that nobody’s ever heard of doesn’t have to mean the same thing to all of us.

imageThis past weekend, I ventured out into public to take in the latest in AAA Hollywood fare, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  It’s a movie I can’t say I’ve been looking forward to. In today’s culture of movie leaks, set coverage, trailers by the thousands and more, i generally try and stay away from most of the onslaught of oversharing that comes with any big release.  For this one ? You just couldn’t avoid it.  I went in with preconceived notions and some unfounded worries that perhaps Zack Snyder was trying to cram in way too many extra characters.

Which, I was happy to discover, was a mistake on my own part for falling prey to the anti-hype surrounding the film.  It turns out, I found myself very entertained, even though I did feel that the movie had flaws.

So, this is my case in point.  I went in to BvS prepared for the worst, based solely on the flood of bad reviews and negative hate spewed across the Internet. Many posted complaints about a number of things such as changes to the characters and their philosophies. That’s not to say that those people are wrong mind you; it’s important to express here that while it’s okay for you or I to enjoy a movie that everybody seems to hate, it’s also okay for those people to hate it.  Like I have my reasons for liking, they have their reasons for disliking and it’s all okay. As BvS unrolled across the screen before me, I found that I didn’t much care about the changes to the characters long standing canon.  I was caught up in the moment with the flashy lights, glistening tights and fist pounding actions.  In that moment, I was entertained.  In that moment, I felt much like I did when I discovered a new comic book character that amazed me as a kid.  And for me, that’s all I need.

You do you.  Let them do them.  Let’s all just rally together and share a mutual love of film.








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