Oh, hello.

Some years ago when I first slipped old Cinema Fromage into gear, I had a specfic plan in mind.  I wanted to talk about movies, why I loved movies, what movies meant to me. All that good mushy kind of stuff.  But, it got away from me.  It morphed and became something a bit different […]

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Some thoughts whilst watching “The Forest”. Spoilers within; ye be warned.

the Forest is weird. it’s a bit Jarring.  We’re used to Natalie Dormer in her Game of Thrones type of regalia. here, she’s different.  She’s real.  She’s different. Natalie Dormer needed something to break her out of her Game of Thrones Shell.  And while “The Forest” may not make complete sense; she’s set her self […]

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Some Days are Diamonds.

You know how yesterday I was telling you about how fired up I was?  How I had all these big writing urges fighting their way to the surface?  Today, after much excitement and planning, the ideas just aren’t there.   But that’s okay.  I know it’s a temporary thing.  It’s been a pretty stressful week […]

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The Search for Inspirado.

Inspiration is a fickle thing. Sometimes you have it by the bucketful, other times it’s a scarce commodity. Unfortunately, here at Cinema Fromage headquarters, we’ve been in the former situation for quite awhile. Due to various factors, changes at work, busy family life, some head worms of my own to deal with…inspiration just hasn’t been […]

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